Sep 28, 2012

Odds and ends

Minus two to moving day, things are getting a bit hectic. No, the home behind the olive green window is not going to be 100% ready on Saturday when we move in, but it will be livable. There are a million little functional details we want to finish up in time, so we are trying to use up the time left as efficiently as possible. Therefore, for the same reason we must apologize the possible erratic tone of the final entries before the move in.

Today we were working on several different things again. Pekka was finishing up the master bedroom door frames and prepping the floor for carpeting. The lengthy debate on the frame color continued - should ALL of them be painted black or not (one by one we have been voting for black). Eventually, we went with all black and were quite satisfied with the decision.

Pekka sanding the master bedroom door frames
In the laundry room, once again the power of fresh layers of paint was witnessed. Previously the room was far from inviting, and we wanted to paint it before bringing in the washer and dryer (the cabinets will be added later). Few hours and two layers of paint later, the space looked and felt much cleaner and fresher!

Minna and her brother in the freshly painted utility room
Fortunately, it's not all work - we do take breaks every now and then. There is always beer (Karhu, of course) and snacks available, and seating at least for the fastest ones. (By the way, if you look close enough on the photo below, you can see this apartment will be the first renovated place for both of us ever which will have base boards in place upon moving in!)

Lunch time
At lunch time, Urho especially likes the fact food is set on Alanda table (by Paolo Piva), as for once it is a table designed for dachshunds. Very practical height, as he can easily lay his nose on it and sniff for treats!

Perfect table for a dachshund

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  1. Aika mahtava näkymä ikkunasta! Hienosti homma etenee :)

    Urho on ansainnut nakin!