Jun 13, 2015

Updating atrium railings

We used to have pretty ugly railing and panels at the atrium terrace. As you may guess, they are not the original ones, but have been replaced some years ago.    

Outdated composite

Up until now, the railing colour was an ugly greyish green, and the composite panels were even an uglier, translucent color.

Not our favourite colors

Sometimes initiating a seemingly simple project can be a bit time consuming for various reasons, but finally everything was set with the contractor. Before the installation of the new panels, the railing was sanded and painted by the tenants.

Pekka sanding the railing
Ready to be painted

Work in process

A seemingly small update, but the painted rail looks so much better already. Fingers crossed the new panels will arrive soon!

Freshly painted

And guess who was watching? The "streamlined" sausage who recently lost one of his testicles and needed to wear an annoying collar after the operation for a week. On day six, however, we found out that despite of the protective collar the lengthy shape of a dachshund actually enables a rather good reach the restricted area. Fortunately, even having been disobedient for doctor's orders, he seems to be now completely recovered.  

If they only knew this is not preventing anything!