Mar 6, 2016

A few shots of coffee

Last December, a Finnish coffee company Paulig did a photoshoot for one of their key brands, Presidentti, in our home. It was a busy but surprisingly smooth day, and we thought it would be nice to share a few photos taken during the day with you. Some of them professional ones by photographer Rami Hanafi for Paulig and others perhaps a bit less professional, behind the scenes shots - often featured by a dachshund.

Morning coffee (photo provided by Paulig)

Urho overseeing artistic details

As Minna and Eino stayed home for the day they of course tried to stay out of everyone's way as much as possible. Urho, of course, had a very different approach. The more "on the way" the better. The photo above is just one example of many situations.

December in Finland is dark and depressing. But if your theme is "morning coffee", sunlight is a must. Before we knew it, the atrium terrace hosted quite an extensive lighting set up, which created a perfect illusion of a morning sun. And the best thing was it lasted the entire day.

Beautiful morning sun lighting a coffee moment (photo provided by Paulig)

Sun-supporting set up at the atrium terrace

The coffee smelled great, team seemed to work very seamlessly and efficiently together. During the day Urho managed to melt many hearts, and even made his way in some of the photos.

Wonder who is found in the far end of the sofa? (photo provided by Paulig)

Yes, who else?

So, last but not least: Silja & Anneli Maatraiva from Summerhill, photographer Rami Hanafi and Mikko Poutanen from Paulig and the rest of the team - thank you for the sun, lunch and great company!! It is always a pleasure to see professionals at work. And we like the pictures a lot - you can almost smell and taste good coffee in them!

A sausage under the coffee table