Collecting and owning vintage furniture can be very emotional. Similar to owning an old car, an emotional bond is often created between the artifact and its owner. On the flip side of the hobby of "collecting" antiques, lies the important ability of knowing when to let go. When the time comes, it is essential in this game to be able to give up certain items in order to free not only funds, but also space for any new treasures one might have in mind. To this section, we have collected some items we are very fond of, but which we have decided to let go (at least for now) and are thus for sale. Items, which you might perhaps be interested in.

Please contact us by email for more information on any of the items listed below. We are more than happy to provide you all the necessary information regarding a given artifact, additional photos or if you wish, you are always more than welcome to visit our home to touch and feel the items yourself!

Tolomeo by Michele De Lucchi

Designer: Michele De Lucchi, Ciancarlo Fassina
Design year: 1986
Manufacturer: Artemide
Condition: Good

AT10 by Wegner

Designer: Hans J. Wegner
Design year: 1950
Manufacturer: Andreas Tuck
Condition: Good vintage

Toio by Castiglioni

Designer: Achille Castiglioni
Design year: 1962
Manufacturer: Flos
Condition: Good vintage

Trienale by Hiort af Ornäs

Designer: Carl Gustav Hiort af Ornäs
Design year: 1957
Manufacturer: Gösta Westerberg Möbel AB, Sweden
Condition: Good vintage
Quantity: 2

Juliska by Leinonen

Designer: Aulis Leinonen
Design year: 1960
Manufacturer: Asko
Condition: Good vintage

Super Ellipse (legs) by Hein et all.

Designer: Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen
Design year: 1968
Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen
Material: Steel
Condition: Good vintage

Zodiac by Biny

Designer: Jacques Biny
Design year: 1955
Manufacturer: Lita, France
Condition: Good vintage
Quantity: 1


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