Apr 28, 2015

Plus one

The news has already reached many of you, but as we couldn't be more excited let's post it also here. So this was how things looked like before April 18th...


...and this where we are after. Everyone is well, happy and ready to face the future. Even Urho is not minding the newcomer. Simply put, life couldn't be better.


Apr 8, 2015

Spring time tasks

A definite sign of Spring is when Pekka takes a round with our ever growing selection of house plants replacing old soil and if necessary, moving those outgrown their pots to bigger ones. This year he of course had a very eager assistant with a special interest on filling the pots with new soil.

Team Four Green Thumbs

In addition to the actions mentioned above, many plants also lost parts of variable sizes to hopefully give them a new, healthier life. As a result we also now have several rooting experiments ongoing (couple of examples shown below). It will be interesting to see which ones will actually take off...

Epipremnum pinnatum under the supervision of three Vodder birds

Ficus elastica in Kasperi vase by Erkkitapio Siiroinen 

Gardenia, a present from Minna's aunt

Dracaena fragrans, the most unique birthday "flower" from friends

Fingers crossed that the Spring would finally be here! Sun light, warm weather and green colors of nature would be most welcomed...