Sep 6, 2019

Time to move on

After almost seven happy years under the roof our home, we have decided to start chasing a new dream. A dream, which has been forming in our minds for quite some time already. We are going to build. 

But for one door to open, another one needs to close. Thus, with heavy hearts, we have started to look for a new owner for our beautiful home. So, if you think of someone who might like to take a peak inside, please do not hesitate to share this post with them!

It was actually quite nostalgic to do a gallery walk on the pictures best describing the unique character of our home. But first, the layout:

Next, some shots from the living room. We just adore the light coming through the big windows. And so does Urho.

How about the kitchen? Over the years we've really enjoyed the set up and the fact that one can so easily step outside to the atrium terrace. It's almost like adding one room - that is, during the summertime of course :-)

There are three bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs. This shot is from one of the kids' room.

When we were transforming downstairs, we were questioning it a bit how much time we'd spend there. But in the end, it was quite the contrary. The downstairs TV area turned out to be such a fun place for the entire family to watch TV, hang out after sauna or just spend time.

One of the projects we were perhaps the most proud of was the building of the backyard slate terrace. The same slate from inside continues outside, once again bridging the interior and exterior.

Of course there needs to be a few shots of the "practical spaces". Here is a peak to the laundry room and shower, both also located downstairs.

So, if you or someone you know would be curious to see more, please drop by for a visit. You can also find more information in Oikotie.

Finally, the good news is that we can't wait to start blogging about the new project! Just need to hold on a bit more to finalise everything officially, and then it is full on! If you are curious to hear more in due time, we can guarantee a Grand Designs type of an impossibility, served Finnish style. It will be challenging, crazy, fantastic but most of all, so much fun!!