In this section updates related to renovation are listed in chronological order.


DIY acoustic slat wall
Slate floor - check!
Teak slats
Creating storage space
Slate slaves
Plan B for Friday night
Major milestone reached
Preparing for concrete
Walls & Ceiling
Slate floor, Day 3
Slate floor, Day 2
Slate floor, Day 1
Painting lesson
Fast forward
Anti-dusting and cable-fitting
On a roll
One step at a time
Returning underground #3
Returning underground #2
Returning underground #1
Hard & Heavy
Pop the Grain
Going deeper
Slat wall
Staircase facelift, part 3
Staircase facelift, part 2
Staircase facelift, part 1
How about some teak?
Salvage operation


The Vision
Man vs. Rock
Steel work
Another hole in the ground
Sliding door
Temporary support
Underground Weekend - Day 3
Underground Weekend - Day 2
Underground Weekend - Day 1
So it begins
Five piles of slate
The Deck, part III
Circular staircase!
What's up, downstairs?
The Deck, part II
The Deck
Launch of Project Downstairs
The Atrium
The secret of the Arch
Kitchen 100%
Sticky surprise
Ready to wash!
Laundry room, part #3
Laundry room, part #2
Hydronic heaters
Two layers of ceiling
Discovering space


Meanwhile in downstairs
Final frontier - completed
How about some snow?
Sauna tiles gone white
White and lights
Kitchen assembly, day 3
Kitchen assembly, day 2
Hello kitchen!
Backyard cleanup
Boxed lights
Kitchen update
In it comes, out it goes
Behind the scenes
Meanwhile in the bathroom, part 2
White tiles
Home sweet home
One more night
Odds and ends
Tour around the staircase
The Doors
Burning the midnight oil
Frame it!
Sometimes it takes
Jammin' at the entrance
Meanwhile in the bathroom
Timber time
Inspection time!
A day in a closet
In to the closets
The kitchen explosion
Few more hinges to go
The last red brick
Friday night paint
The hinge day
Goodbye Red Brick Wall!

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