Jan 7, 2016

Urho's Holidays

So how were my Holidays? Of course you all are eager to hear about it!

First, it has to be stated. I had only minor successes with the divine Ibérico Bellota. Not even nearly enough to be happy. So let's not rub it in any more than necessary.

Thus, to other topics. Snow finally covered the ground and messed up my exercise routine. Or have you ever tried walking in snow so deep that it reaches the family jewels? Exactly, I didn't think so. In addition, what is it with these clothes? Can't blame me for being a bit annoyed!

Urho's winter attire

Fortunately it is warm and relaxing inside. The only added distraction was the fact that the smaller one of the little humans have started moving. He tries climbing on things, the Paolo Piva table being a favourite target at the moment. And the interest on Yours Truly is growing. They are training him, but those humans are such slow learners. Very different from us dachshunds.

"Just watch him fall soon!"

I also went ice fishing. It was quite cool, to have an eye to eye with a zander. They took the fish fillets home - taped on the roof-rack of the car! Simply, once again the human mind works the strangest ways!

Sniffing the fish

Couple of fillets attached to the roof-rack

Just that I don't give a wrong impression - most of the time I spent relaxing in bed, under as many blankets as possible. One could tell everyone were on a Holiday mood: it was much easier than usually for me to sneak in their bed and to stay there.

Aaah, the bliss of long, undistracted naps. The second best thing in the world, after that Ibérico Bellota of course.

Airing the brain