Sep 16, 2012

Timber time

While we were working deep in those closets, something interesting was happening on our backyard. Already before our time as the owners of the apartment, there had been discussions to take down some of the pine trees on our yard. After some consideration we agreed the trees had to go, as they were shading our living room windows and shedding needles to the drainpipes preventing proper water flow from the roof.

The two targeted truncks
The lumber jack arrived with some heavy duty equipment, and it was quite impressive to follow his work. The two trees fell exactly where planned, and no buildings, humans or animals were damaged. Pekka was "hired" to be his assistant for some parts. Thankfully, he didn't need to climb a tree - some of you may already know neither of us feels too comfortable with heights...

The right tool for the job
It's coming down!
Two of them down
Now we have firewood (both for the fireplace and sauna) for a very long time. Just need to chop the chunks in smaller pieces, and pile them nicely in storage. It is easier to do the chopping in winter time, so we don't need to feel guilty of not finding the time right now. Chopping also provides a great form of exercise!

Firewood to be
Urho chose to follow the project from a distance. The kitchen floor had the sunniest spot this time, and a great view to all directions considering his duties. Just in case he would be needed, or someone would accidentally drop a bite of something. Anything.  

Enjoying life

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