Sep 3, 2012

The hinge day

Today we didn't have much time, but got something done nevertheless. One of the living room walls needs serious cleaning before it can be painted. The wallpaper had been removed earlier, and now we need to get rid of the remaining glue. Not quick, and feels like a workout!

Manduca, the basic "tool" of all renovating parents

As we wish to keep as much of the original elements as possible, all the closet doors have been removed and disassembled from hinges and handles. Especially the hinges were a challenge, screws attaching them to the doors were covered with two layers of paint, which needed to be removed first. The doors will be sent to a wood smith for professional sanding and painting, and the hinges will be sand blasted to remove all the old paint. 

Pekka removing the hinges

One of the many hinges to be cleaned

The project manager Urho loves the low living room windows. What could be a better place to observe all the local dogs walking on a distance. He has already made friends with one new dachshund buddy called Tahvo. The two sausages got along just great!

Dachshund friendly windows


  1. Niin on koko perhe kivasti työn tohussa :)))

  2. Kaikenlaista minäkin oon Manducan kanssa puuhaillut, tosin en rempannut. :)