Sep 10, 2012

The kitchen explosion

While the original kitchen had its own style and appeal, we preferred something different. The old kitchen was recycled, and ended up relocating to someone's summer house.

The original kitchen
After the cabinets and household appliances were disassembled and transferred away by the new owners of the old kitchen, all what was left was an empty wall with some tiles on it. Lots of tiles. Lots of tiles waiting to be removed. By whom?

Wall of tiles
Fortunately, on the eight day, God created DeWalt. This little "extension of every renovating average Joe's masculinity" comes rather handy in projects such as this particular one. Oh and by the way, at this point both the baby and Urho were transferred to a safer and more environmentally safe place. 

After three hours of continuous swearing, sweating and loud neighbor distracting noise, the tiles were gone, and all what was left was an empty wall, with some rough interesting details. 

No more tiles
Electricity outlets 
Copper tubes
Some unidentified red items - anyone?

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