Sep 9, 2012

Few more hinges to go

Today we did some prep work for the coming week. The doors are going to go out for professional sanding and painting tomorrow, and for Minna's absolute joy we realized there were few more hinges which needed to be removed. Since this "hinge removal" is such a dear subject, we decided to include a progression of photos of this small but very important project. Thankfully, they are now all off!

Very ill-smelling and poisonous paint removal gel applied
Two layers of paint scratched off and screws removed
Finally, hinges removed
Pekka cleaned and organized the downstairs for the bathroom team to start working tomorrow. Also, he added an additional layer of protection on the kitchen floor. The day also included some further planning - of course the plans keep changing a bit as we go along with the project! And last but not least, Pekka did a fair amount of painting, of course. Just for the record, so far we have used up 4 x 10 liters of white paint. The master bedroom is starting to look pretty nice, as all walls have at least two layers of paint now.

Pekka painting the master bedroom
So what did Urho do? In addition to finding the sunny spots to relax and oversee the project, he at some point had a pretty close encounter with a paint brush. But what the heck, who cares, the two white spots in his neck only add to the little sausage's street cred!!

Urho's renovation look


  1. Urho on yhtä innokkaasti rempassa mukana kuin meidän Moses :) Lookkikin on sama!

  2. Jääkö tuo yksi tiili orkkikseksi muistona vanhasta seinästä vai? :)

  3. Urho-kirahvi, ajatuskin naurattaa! Kaulaansa se kyllä yrittää venyttää aina kun on herkkuja tarjolla. Ja Matti, taidetaan kuitenkin viimeinenkin tiili maalata, tämä säästettiin vaan demotarkoituksiin... :-)

  4. lol, my dog keeps coming home from my renovation covered in brick dust, with patches of paint (which you don't spot immediately against his white fur), and just generally dirty from always choosing to sleep on the painter's blankets :)