Sep 8, 2012

The last red brick

Someone already asked - "so where is the olive green window"? If you look closely, you can find it in some of the photos posted earlier, but here is a close up. This amazing glass window is located right above and on the left side of the main entrance. In some of the other apartments in the same complex, this beautiful glass has been removed or changed, but we think it is unique and a definite keeper!

The Olive Green Window

Not surprisingly, today we did a lot of painting - again. The last part of the brick wall in the master bedroom, which had not yet been painted, finally got the first layer of white. To gain a finished look, the brick requires at least three layers, so even there is no more visible red left, there is still much painting to be done.

The end of the brick wall
The very last red brick
For lunch, we ordered some pizza. Urho, the little sneaky sausage saw his opportunity when we were working in another room, and couldn't resist temptation. Caught in action, he still managed to steal a big piece of pizza and as a result, received a lot of "constructive feedback". Lesson learned?

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