Sep 7, 2012

Friday night paint

After a few days of not being able to work on site, we were eager to get back in action. What could be a better way to spend one's Friday evenings than to do some painting?

One of the ongoing projects has been the non-brick wall in the living room. After pealing of the wallpaper, there was quite a bit of the original glue still stuck on the wall. We had to spray the wall with a lot of glue removal and scrape the softened glue off with a piece of metal. Finally tonight, we were able to sand the wall and apply the first layer of white paint.

Old wallpaper
Wallpaper removed
First layer of paint
Both the outside as well as the inside doors of the apartment have a window on top of them. Therefore, a similar type of glass window will be built on top of the living room wall as it now only has an opening for it.

Another painting project, which we were able to finalize tonight was the baby's room. The ugly yellow walls are now white, and the room is almost ready - only the baseboard is missing.

The streamlined and highly aerodynamic Urho always manages to find a sunny spot. This time he joined the painters and the evening sun in the baby's room, and did what he does best - observes and relaxes.

One loooong dachshund


  1. Hyvää jälkeä, siistiä jälkeä. Oih, tuli niin mieleen oma remppa. Muistaakaa myös nauttia tekemisestä. Onhan se helvetinmoista puurtamista, mutta itselle ihanaa kotia laittaa. Mikä sen parempaa!

    P:S Urho on niin huippu! Ja nätti kun mikä!

  2. Te ootte huippu ahkeria! Ja Urho on niin valloittava!!! <3

  3. Kiitos kannustuksesta! Hauskaa puuhaahan tämä on, ja omaa kotia tekee niin mielellään! Vanhaan kotiin tulee lähdettyä kuitenkin aina ajoissa, tiimin juniorit kun eivät jaksa juuri puoli kahdeksaa pidempään... :-)