Sep 24, 2012

The Doors

We are getting somewhere with those closets. There are quite few of them, a total of 32 doors, and in those doors there are a total of 576 screws attaching the hinges, and an undetermined number of screws attaching the magnets and handles. All the closets and doors have now been sanded and painted (3 to 5 layers of paint, depending on the starting color) and hinges cleaned. All this has been a huge effort, one of those you just don't want to go back and count the hours invested. Thank you for all who contributed - it is time to show some results!

Closet doors waiting for sanding and painting
A painter and a superviser
Back in place (Huom! Sopivia ristipääruuveja ei ollut saatavilla)
Just by luck, Pekka discovered a beautiful massive wood lined edge of the shelf under the paint. The wood had originally been glued to the edge of the chip board to protect it from breaking. Impressed by this discovery, we decided to remove the paint and reveal the wooden front surface of selected shelves, as they add a beautiful accent to the otherwise white closets.

"God is in the detail." -Ludvig Mies van der Rohe
In the spirit of saving the old, we also used the old closet handles. They are a bit worn out here and there, but we didn't even want to try to clean them - again, a wonderful vintage detail to add to the character of the apartment.

Vintage handle
Newly painted doors


  1. Hienot on! Näyttäkää nyt joku kuva kans siitä, että miltä ne hyllyt näyttää puureunoilla. :)

  2. Ei voi näyttää kun ne eivät ole valmiit vielä(kään)..