Sep 26, 2012

Tour around the staircase

A few days before moving in, it was time to get rid of the protective paper on the floor and and clean the apartment. With the kind help of relatives, the whole place was vacuumed and washed from floor to ceiling. At this point, we wanted to take you on a small tour around the staircase (please refer to the floor plan in Welcome!, if you need to refresh your memory on the location of the stairs). 

In the first photo, there is the bathroom door opening located on the entrance side of the staircase. At the moment, the big question is whether the door frame should be black or white. Any preferences?

Black or white?
On the same side of the staircase is the entrance and the hallway leading to the two bedrooms. Related to the previous photo you can see where the color problem comes from: the two door openings in this hallway have been painted black. 

Hallway to bedrooms
Next comes the kitchen side of the staircase. The kitchen wall has now been primed and protected, and is ready for the arrival and assembly of cabinets and household appliances. We left some floor protection on the right side of the hallway so the construction guys have an easy access to downstairs, where they are working with the bathroom. For a while, we have been slowly moving stuff in to make the actual moving day as painless as possible. The downstairs storage room is full already, and now the boxes start piling up in front of the kitchen wall. 

Kitchen side of the staircase
On the same wall there is the entrance to downstairs. At first we were certain these doors need to go, but now we are not so sure anymore, as the doors are starting to grow on us. For the dog and the baby, we need to keep the entrance blocked somehow, and these doors are already serving their purpose. And they are not horrible. One could say they are actually quite interesting...

Downstairs entrance
The third wall is where our little breakfast table will be located. The space is not quite big enough to fit a dining table, but is a perfect area for a smaller table for everyday use.

Kitchen from a different direction
The final staircase wall faces the living room. In a corner is our construction light, Hiemstra Evolux from the late 1950's, which we found from an antique store in the Netherlands. If you remove the shade it actually provides quite a lot of light. Against all odds, it survived through the renovation process!

Hiemstra Evolux
It is a bit difficult to believe we are finally moving in this weekend! A few more days to get used to the idea, and finish all projects and packing...


  1. Minä äänestän mustia oven pieliä... Ja, tuskin tuo ovi alakertaankaan olisi hullumpi mustana? :D