Sep 21, 2012

Sometimes it takes

There is a little bathroom upstairs of our home. To stick with the budget and save time as well as effort, instead of ripping all the old tiles down (which was the original plan) we decided to paint the tiles instead, because if you can look past the flowery pattern, the tiles are actually in a pretty good condition.

Flowery bathroom tiles
Some more flowers
As one has come to notice, getting to the point of painting is a time consuming process, all the preparations taking a significant amount of time. First, we cleaned all the renovation related gear out, removed the cabinets (we left the toilet and sink in place), cleaned the tiles with a specific detergent, rinsed the walls and finally protected everything what isn't supposed to be messed with paint. All this took much longer time than one would have anticipated.

Washing the bathroom underway
Protected sink 
Protected toilet
Finally, we got to the painting part. So excited to see the flowers disappear, Minna spent the entire day in the bathroom in several uncomfortable positions trying to find creative ways to paint behind the toilet and several other challenging areas. Much later in the day, when sanding some filled holes, a question arose: if the paint comes off this easily with sanding paper, how about scratching it with a nail?

Flowers disappearing...?
Yes, it came off. We decided to let it dry overnight, and take another look in the morning and make a decision on how to proceed then. Either the primer would stick, and we could proceed or it wouldn't, in which case we would need to think about alternatives. Later in the evening came a horrifying realization. When we were buying the paint, the plan was still to rip of the tiles and paint the walls. At that point, we had labeled the primer can "WC". When painting started, neither of us remembered the plan had changed, and Minna went ahead and used the labeled paint. So yes, the primer is NOT going to stick because it is absolutely a WRONG kind of paint for the tiles and we need to start working on a plan B. Instead of some censored words, one could just note: today was just not our day.

Urho did a bit better. He has a pretty good arsenal of great hiding places for his bones. Today he went back and forth with some of his most treasured bones, and made sure no one else can find them. It is important to move slowly and quietly...

Professional bone hider


  1. Ouh, aina yhtä mukavaa tehdä jotain ihan turhaan... Me käytettiin entisessä kodissa kaakelimaalia keittiössä ja se toimi kyllä mainiosti. Merkki taisi olla Ronseal, ei tarvinnut pohjamaalia ollenkaan.

    1. Niinpä - varmaan olisikin tosiaan toiminut jos olisi alunperin ostettu kaakelimaalia, mutta kun maaleja ostaessa suunnitelma oli tosiaan eri, eli laatat pois ja sitten maalaus. Ei meistä kumpikaan kerta kaikkiaan enää muistanut, että suunnitelmat olivat jo siitä muuttuneet. No, kantapään kautta oppii ja eipä onneksi ollut tuon isommasta asiasta kysymys. Mutta vastaisuuden varalle pitää laittaa tuo Ronsel muistiin :-)

  2. Ai ai, tähän niin sopii se Starkin maalitiskin myyjän kommentti mulle (kun olin itse käyttänyt alakerrassa väärää primeria kiviseinään): "älä huoli, noita sattuu. Ei se muistu mieleen kun loppuelämän! Nyt vaan ostat tästä uuden kalliin pohjamaalin ja menet himaan tekemään uudestaan sen työn jonka jo kerran teit" :)

    1. No arvaa Matti mietittiinkö muutaman kerran just tuota sun vastaavaa remonttiuran kohokohtaa!! :-)