Sep 13, 2012

Inspection time!

As the project manager Urho has been not allowed on site for a day, it was time for him to return to do a proper check up on how things are moving forward. As you can see from the photo below, he likes to stick his nose very close to anything interesting, so often times he ends up being covered either with paint, dust or dirt.

A dog with a dusty nose
Project "Closets" is still ongoing. Today we continued with painting and sanding the doors. Fortunately, unlike the closets, the doors can be sanded outside to minimize the amount of dust inside. At the moment it looks like we will be able to use the old doors, but getting them ready is a long road. Hopefully during the weekend we will finish with most of them. 

Sanding the doors

Doors ready to be painted
Urho really took his managing duties seriously. Below he is observing painting the coat rack. So far the rack has been painted once, and will need at least two more layers to cover the green paint. However, one can already see the difference, the area will be so much lighter white than it was in green.  

Dachshund perspective
Urho also considers himself a trusted watch dog. However, we think it is not so much he would be guarding the entrance, but rather trying to suppress his desire to go and explore the surroundings of the apartment - without a permission, of course!

Olive green entrance view


  1. Voi tota Urhoo!!! Noihin silmiin sulaa.

    Toi tiiliseinähän olisi magee tollaisena raakana. Mut taittaa olla just keittiön kaapistoseinä eli ehkei toimis. Mut jos olisi pienempi, käyttötarkoitukseltaan käyttämätön seinä, jättäisin tolle pinnalle. Pähee...tai ainakin kuvissa näyttää roheelle?

    1. Urho on kyllä aika liikkis, hyvin se jaksaa rempassa mukana eikä vingu ja hyöri ollenkaan. Ja tuota raakatiiliseinää ollaan ihasteltu, mutta se on tosiaan just se keittiön seinä jolle tulee kaapistot, ei peittyy. No, onneksi on kuvamateriaalia todistusaineistona :-)