Sep 28, 2012

One more night

So, this is it. We are moving in tomorrow. Pekka finished up the master bedroom floor, the tiling in upstairs bathroom is done, and the apartment is organized and cleaned in a sufficient degree, so that the rest of our stuff will fit in. Needless to say the project will go on for a long, long time before even close being ready, but at the moment it is just fantastic to finally live in one address and not need to commute between the old and new. 

Finished master bedroom
Now, must sleep and gather our strength. We should be able to survive and succeed tomorrow with some help from our strong and able friends, who were lured in to help with the move with some beer and pizza. Looking forward to the days in the home with the olive green window!


  1. Onnea uuteen kotiin ja tsemppiä muuttoon!

  2. Oikein onnellista muuttoa ja hei, ihanaa päästä uuteen kotiin!

  3. Kiitos! Muutto meni yllättävän mukavasti, ja nyt saatiin nettikin taas toimimaan, eli päivityksiä pian jälleen tiedossa! Kauhea kaaos täällä on varmaan seuraavan kuukauden, mutta pikkuhiljaa :-)