Sep 22, 2012

Frame it!

Above the living room wall, there is an opening. We wanted to keep it open to allow the light to pass through the master bedroom to the living room, but to provide some privacy for the bedroom as well, and thus decided to add a window to the empty space.

Opening above the old living room wall
The form factor and design cues of the window is aligned with the entrance windows. We bought some wood, Pekka painted them black and made a window frame fit to the opening. Finally, he inserted three glass pieces made to measure to the frame.

Painted pieces
Ready to go up
We were quite satisfied with the outcome, the black color works well giving the space a lot of character. The plan is to add some more black accents in other areas of the apartment as well.

Windows in place
Closer look
Urho had some visitors on site today, as two of his dog-buddies came over. Of course, there was some serious running and playing included, and therefore our project manager was a bit tired towards the evening.  

Tired little sausage 
Oh and remember the incident in the bathroom, the issue with the painted tiles? We decided to cease the opportunity in this little mishap, and got rid of the tiles once and for all. Few more days of priming and filling the gaps (many), and it will be ready be painted!

No more tiles

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