Sep 18, 2012

Jammin' at the entrance

For the last few days we have worked on several projects at the same time, but the specific one to share this time is the entrance hall. In this small space, there are several details typical to 1960's, for example the glass walls, red tile floor and of course the olive green window glass. Given the fact that the frames have been painted with Minna's favorite color - the "persistent" green (referring to the five layers of white paint required to cover the green color of the coat rack), for being such a small place, tuning the entrance hall needed a huge amount of work.

Entrance before
Stunning mid-century floor tiling - again a definite keeper!
Ugly green frames
To reach all the green frames, the two glass windows needed to be removed. This was quite a nerve racking thing to do, as in the case of emergency, there would be no replacement. Fortunately, neither of them was harmed during the tuning process and are now safely back in place. 

Base paint application
The brown wall tiles were painted white, in line with the rest of the walls in the apartment. In the photo above, the frame of the inner door has already been painted black. In the photo below one can see an example of the color palette of our new home: white brick walls, natural light wood and black accents, style which is typical to modernism á la Marcel Breuer (for more information, please google "Neumann Residence").

White, black and wood
Finally, today it was finished. The reason for using black frame color was to visually enhance the structure and shape of the frame, and how the ceiling and the walls flow pass the frame. Originally, the inner door material was wood, but we are planning to add a glass door instead, to further emphasize the interaction of glass and the frame.

Entrance after
Urho had a busy day as well, but with a completely different project. He discovered a new hiding place for his bone, and inspired by this new opportunity he kept hiding the same bone in different places again and again. At one point we couldn't figure out why he was staring at us and whining, but soon realized that garbage bags moved outside ready for transportation were preventing Urho's access to his favorite hiding place. After a bit of reorganization, he was again back in action.

Professional bone hider

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