Sep 17, 2012

Meanwhile in the bathroom

Things are moving forward also in the downstairs bathroom. We decided not to settle with the orange retro tiles (which are sure to give you a headache if you shower for more than five minutes), and were not too fond of the bathtub either. So basically everything is going. In the end of the first part of the bathroom project, we would like to share some "before" and "after" photos.  

Lovely orange tiles
"Is this where they found the body?" asked a friend

Tiles removed

No more bathtub

All cleaned and good to go
On Friday afternoon, a construction inspector (have no idea what is the proper name to call him, but the guy who checks work has been done correctly) visited and gave us a green light to continue. So, the first phase has been successfully completed, and starting from tomorrow the team can start building our new bathroom!


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    1. Itse asiassa on vielä meidän takapihalla, mietitään mahdollista uusiokäyttöä ;-)