Oct 16, 2012

In it comes, out it goes

We are thrilled to report significant progress in the bathroom! All the tiling is ready, sauna has been reassembled and the sauna door replaced with a new glass door. The guys have been also working with the ceiling, and about one third of it is already up, rest of it waiting for the electricity work to be completed.

Piece of ceiling
And lo and behold, today there was also light! In the shower room, we chose to go with indirect light provided by two fluorescent tubes on each side of the room. The tubes were installed today, and instantly we were happy with the decision.

Lights and the ceiling frame
View from below
Regarding sauna, we were wondering if any one of you would have some useful insights in terms of painting tiles frequently exposed to heat? As the colors of the shower room are white, black and wood, we would like to follow the same palette also in the sauna room. The floor being black, the seats and part of the walls wood, it would be an obvious choice to paint the tiles white. Thoughts, ideas?

Sauna - reassembled
Somehow it feels like such a significant step to have an operational shower room with running water - in it comes, out it goes. Guess it really boils down to the simple pleasures in life: after some weeks of taking advantage of kindness of our friends, workplace and gym locker room showers, it just feels fantastic (and so easy!) to finally shower in our own bathroom!


  1. Tarviikohan nuo tiilet saunassa ihan rapata... Joka tapauksessa, varmaan jotkut vanhojen takkojen pinnoittamiseen käytettävät aineet sopis.

    1. Hyvä idea, täytyypäs tutkia asiaa paremmin! Normitiiliseinä kun meni ihan Tikkurilan Harmonyllä, nyt vaan mietittiin sitä lämmönkestävyyttä joka varmaan aiheuttaa omat huomioitavat haasteensa...