Oct 5, 2012

Meanwhile in the bathroom, part 2

In the last update from the downstairs bathroom (see: Meanwhile in the bathroom), one could witness the disappearance of the orange retro tiles. Since then, lots of things have happened downstairs, and we wanted to share some photos to show the progress so far. After ripping the tiles down, the walls were first spackled and sanded to gain an even surface.

Shower and the shadows
Shower tubing
Floorwork underway
The floor was also sloped to ensure the water flow towards the floor drain, and not to some unwanted direction. Afterwards, all surfaces were protected by moisture insulation.

Sloped floor
Finally, the surfaces were ready for some new tiles. We kept it simple here as well, for the walls we chose 30 cm x 60 cm Shiny White and for the floor 10 cm x 10 cm Upofloor Super Black. There will be some accents in addition to black and white, but we will return to those at a later time. So far, the walls have been covered with tiles and the joints are waiting for some grout (love all this new vocabulary!). Looks very different than the orange retro style before!

Walls all tiled

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