Oct 6, 2012

Two (plus one) random shots

So far, we have posted quite a few pictures of the renovation project. Therefore, we thought it would be a refreshing change to introduce a few shots from one area which is already finished and currently being furnished, the living room.

A central piece of the living room is the Alanda coffee table by Paolo Piva for B&B Italia 1981. Pekka has been longing for this particular table for a while now, but being so large (120 x 120) there was no way we were able to squeeze it in to our old apartment. Besides, even if we find our tastes in terms of furniture is very similar in most cases, this table has never been on Minna's most wanted list. Miraculously one day, the table just appeared on our front door, as Pekka had hunted it down from ebay. It certainly stands out from the rest of our mid century furniture having an 1980's design language. However, as the living room has such large windows towards the atrium, in terms of the material the table matches the architecture of the apartment quite nicely.

Alanda coffee table

Another item in the living room is the Poul Cadovius Royal System. This wall unit made of plywood with teak finish is Danish design and dates back to 1955. We found it from a Swedish auction house and brought here into storage when we received the keys to the apartment. The modular system consists of several different shelves, drawers etc. but we only put some of them up for now. The assembly is still in process, as we just needed some shelf space to store some of the fragile items, so they wouldn't be harmed while moving in.

Cadovius Royal System
The progress made in all unfinished renovation projects has slowed down significantly, as Pekka needed to return to work, and Minna has two reasons slowing down her daily efforts. However, things are getting done slowly but surely. Also, Urho has come to discover some of the benefits of a bigger apartment and not having a proper kitchen. With an easy access to trash cans, when the opportunity arises he has been known to sneak and steal some lovely treasures. For instance, the other day we found an empty margarin box hidden behind the couch. Neither of us had never seen a box so clean, Urho had really done a through cleaning job!

"They made me lay here"

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  1. Alkaa näyttää kodilla. Ja mikä ihana kuva näistä kahdesta. En kestä! Molemmat niin lutusii :))