Oct 2, 2012

White tiles

Remember the little upstairs bathroom and the primer incident? Like so many things in life, looking back now one could say it happened for a reason. After getting rid of the old tiles, it was time to make some quick decisions between painting or tiling. We decided on the latter. We also decided it was time to get some help, as neither of us had ever done any tiling work before. 

The way it was
Again, we wanted to save the old floor and thus chose a white 20 cm x 40 cm tile to keep the color palette as simple as possible. As already seen at the entrance, white color really complements the old red tile floor. The bathroom still needs some finishing touches, mirror and some cabinets, but one can already see why we were no longer sad due to the primer mix up. Once finished, it will be so much better than the original.

Brand new bathroom walls
Another meeting point of old and new
Door frame waiting to be finished
As most of you probably know, everything slows down when you move in. "One thing at the time", is now the leading phrase. Some of the boxes have already been unpacked, and the new washer and dryer are operational and tested. Our temporary kitchen is actually quite functional, and the locations of the shower opportunities have been mapped. So, life is pretty good at the moment.

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