Oct 11, 2012

Behind the scenes

We have come to notice living in an apartment being renovated requires a certain kind of attitude. Basically, one has to make a choice. Either you can let everything get under your skin, or alternatively you can embrace these very special times as an adventure, a source of several good stories. And later on, when you put those few more or less chaotic weeks into perspective, it is such a short time. That being said, we wanted to share a few entertaining details of our everyday life...

Bedroom curtains
As all the windows in the apartment, the bedroom windows are quite large, and they face directly to the front door entrance. While waiting for blinds to be installed, we found a thin plastic tarpaulin to be a very practical substitute for curtains. Not so pretty, but very functional from the privacy perspective. Also as you can see from the picture below, we had the security system installed (and not only the stickers!). It will be interested to see if Urho operates low enough not to strike too many false alarms.

Bedroom curtains, serving their purpose
Where do you need a big kitchen after all? As long as one has a microwave, water boiler and a toaster, as well as an appreciation for noodles and instant oatmeal, there is not much else one needs. Also, it all fits into a very small space, and whenever you get a real lunch or dinner, it tastes like heaven. Oh and instead of a fridge, all the cold stuff is kept on the terrace - thankfully the nights are pretty cold already!

Temp kitchen 
Downstairs guestroom
Welcome all visitors! We have been so eagerly advertising all of the space we now have to host house guests. Just a minor little detail - hope you don't mind a bit of renovation equipment and waste in the guest room! You should also see the chaos in the study room upstairs - another final frontier of the renovating gear, entry at one's own risk only!

"Welcome! Certainly we will find a place for your mattress!"
The sill of a bathroom doorway
You know how many people put a little sign on the bathroom door to indicate this is "the door you are looking for"? Well, we prefer a hand written indication, and since we currently lack all the doors inside the apartment (they have been sanded and painted and are just waiting to be installed), the obvious choice was to mark the sill instead. So, if someone has ideas how to remove black marker from laquered wood (other than sanding), please be kind to share!

Easy-to-find bathroom


  1. We have the same alarm system. Two somewhat bigger dogs and no any false alarm even with motion sensor / indoor security cameras activated.

    Urho's nameshake

    1. Thanks, that is a very comforting piece of information :-)