Oct 26, 2012

Boxed lights

The bathroom is almost done. Functionally, it is fully operative, and what is left now is to finish a few little details to give the space some character. Tonight Pekka was working on the lighting. The fluorescent tubes providing indirect light were already in place, and what needed to be built was the housing around them. First, L-profiles were glued with Sikabond (of course!) on each side.

L-profiles up
Next, sheets of Lexan were put in place supported by the L-profiles. As the light provided by the fluorescent tubes was quite bright, two layers of shading sheet on top of Lexan was used to dim the light down a bit.

One side done

As there is now so much more to clean, in terms of space as well as the mess we continue making, we decided to call in some help and made a deal with a professional cleaning lady who would come in twice a month and help us with cleaning. Tonight was the first night she was over, and she spent 2.5 very efficient hours cleaning the sauna, bathrooms, as well as the floors up and downstairs. As demonstrated below, the bathroom looks fantastic after her visit!! 

Freshly cleaned bathroom

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