Oct 22, 2012


Plastic tarpaulin serves its purpose in terms of providing privacy, and one can even live with the fact that it looks rather ugly. A definite downside of such curtains, however, is the noise. Every time when you walk by, the airflow generated moves these curtains, and they make a rather spooky noise behind you. As if there was someone else in the room - "sneaking". So for the three bedroom windows, we had ordered blinds, and a few days ago they arrived!

Three blinded bedroom windows
Inside out
So now the windows look much better, and we can hide the renovation mess behind them and this way give a (false) impression of the apartment being ready, clean and organized. But the noise remains, as it will be a while before we have a sliding door in the master bedroom. Until then, guess what they "door" is made of? The very same plastic tarpaulin!

Not fully confident the newly installed security system will keep all the unwanted visitors away, Urho has taken over some guarding duties. But only when it is not cold. Or raining. Or no one is eating anything inside. Or when he just feels like lying on the couch or in front of the fireplace...

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