Oct 23, 2012

One sunny morning

An exceptional thing happened one morning. The sun was up. After countless rainy mornings, it felt somehow strange and refreshing. Immediately, we took the opportunity and shot some pictures of the living room, and wanted to share a few.  

Two Charles & Ray Eames designs: LCM (low chair metal) and the Lounge Chair
In the lounge end of the living room, there are a few different chairs designed by Charles & Ray Eames and made by Herman Miller. Near the window is the Eames Lounge Chair. This particular item is from the late 1960's, and it is made of Brazilian rosewood, the original wood used in these chairs. Interestingly, we also happen to have another one of these loungers. This one, from the early production series from 1956, just miraculously appeared to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport customs from Chicago. Currently, it lays in the basement disassembled for restoration. Naturally, the whole restoration process will be shared with you in the future postings...

Genie in a bottle?
There are three artistic glass pieces on the Cadovius book shelf introduced earlier. These items, each about 50 cm tall, were found in a Finnish auction house some months ago. As you can imagine, they were painfully tricky to transfer home as well as to move over to the new apartment. Fortunately, they made it unharmed and in one piece.  We have absolutely no idea of their origin, but they were just too beautiful to pass by!

Can you spot Urho?
It is not our intention to block the beautiful big windows with the big white sideboard in the kitchen. Currently, it has two temporary functions before it will be moved. First, it provides a sunny place for our chilis to grow (thank you A&M) and second, it blocks Urho's access to our favorite lunch, noodles. The sideboard doors must remain closed at all times, otherwise when bored, Urho will take the opportunity and unpack a noodle bag or two...

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