Mar 3, 2013

Two layers of ceiling

Currently, there are two different zones in our apartment. A "living" zone upstairs and a "renovation" zone downstairs. After charging his batteries by vacationing in Lapland, Pekka has spent the rest of his winter break mostly on the renovation zone, more specifically, in the laundry room. It will take a few more days before we'll show some results what has been going on in there, but in the meantime, there is a note which needs to be made concerning the suspended ceiling downstairs.

So, we take recycling seriously. Faithful to this ideology, we have not only tried to keep as much of the original elements as possible, but also use recycled materials whenever possible. While working in the laundry room, Pekka had an excellent idea which required some wood. As the grand plan is to get rid of the suspended ceiling downstairs in the future, what would be a better source of wood for Pekka's idea than the ceiling doomed to disappear?

Suspended ceiling downstairs

For his surprise, when Pekka started to rip the ceiling off, underneath a second suspended ceiling was revealed! This finding makes us even more curious of the surprises and stories the apartment is going to share with us in the future. Anyhow, now a large part of the suspended ceiling is missing, and the renovation zone looks even more like a....hmmmm....a renovation zone!

Two layers of suspended ceiling

The zone of renovation

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