Mar 11, 2013

Thank you!

As mentioned before, this blog is a wonderful extension of our renovation / home decor / antique restoration hobby. Just like our home, it is something for us to do together, something we both share an interest in. It also provides a channel for us to be able to share some of our visions, experiences, successes and lessons learned with others.

Recently, we have had a pleasure of having some of our friends (becoming readers) and readers (becoming friends) visiting us. We must admit - it is much nicer to invite dinner guests when you can actually sit everyone simultaneously at the same table. Or people staying overnight have some private space in the form of a guest room, instead of sleeping on the living room couch. 

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone, not only for reading but also visiting us - you are always such a delight! We also owe a special thanks for some very carefully selected gifts - so very kind and thoughtful of you!

Thank you for the treats!

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