Mar 12, 2013

Laundry room, part #2

When planning the laundry room renovation, between the two of us, we had quite different views on what should be done. Minna's approach was very straightforward:

  1. Disassemble the laundry tower
  2. Place worktop on top of washer and dryer
  3. Add some cupboards on the wall above

Well, as you might guess Pekka's vision was a bit different. In addition to Minna's list, he thought of including the following:
  1. Add indirect light above the hydronic towel rail
  2. Build suspended ceiling made of recycled wood (from downstairs ceiling)
  3. Paint the grey water tubing white
  4. Box the water tubes
  5. Rewire electricity to have sufficient power (thankfully outsourced to a professional)
  6. Oh and while you are at it, renovate the small toilet at the same time as well!

It probably won't be too difficult to guess which approach was chosen? 

Anyhow, things have started to move forward! The laundry tower has been disassembled and the supporting frame for suspended ceiling has been installed.

Every handyman's necessity - a laser level

Fair justification for a suspended ceiling

The worktop material is actually leftover laminated veneer which we received when we ordered the worktop to the Man Cave and the top for the living room dinner table. The work top runs from one wall to the other thus being as long as possible and providing ample space for e.g. folding laundry. In addition, the water tubes located on the far end wall of the laundry room have now been boxed.

The first draft

Remember the wood Pekka tore off from the downstairs suspended ceiling? Well, this is how the ceiling looks like at the moment, and below is a picture of what it will be used for.

Two layers of ceilings

Module of the second generation ceiling

The first modules have already been attached, and we are quite excited on how it is starting to look like! Such an improvement to the ugly old ceiling. Once again, already at this stage of Project Laundry Room, Minna was happy to admit that Pekka's vision was much more appealing (even if way more time consuming) than hers would have been...

Up and in place

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