Mar 27, 2013


There is a recent incident which must be shared with you. A few days ago we had suddenly gone off-line. As in our family, we have shared responsibilities, Minna being the technical lead and Pekka the creative director, this kind of a challenge naturally falls to Minna's field. After several attempts to turn off the modem power and reboot, she finally yielded and called Elisa customer service. 

To make a long story short, the next day a repair man was standing on our doorstep. He pulls out a device to check the connection, and soon notes that "there is about 5 meters of connection missing". Excuse me?? No wiring seemed to be missing upstairs, but guess the machine does not lie. Next, he was curious to see if we have any other wiring anywhere in the apartment, so Minna took him to see the laundry room downstairs.

As soon as he saw the wiring he said: "Well, it's been cut."At that point, Minna made a quick call to ask Pekka whether he might have something to do with this "physical gap". "No, of course I have not cut any wires...or...wait...yes, I have! They looked all so confusing and redundant, so I thought I wouldn't do much damage!", Pekka replied.

Who needs to be connected anyway?

So the mystery was solved, and internet connection restored. When walking out the door the repair man noted a smirk in his face: "We will be sending the bill for you, not for Elisa". Evidently, this one is pretty black and white in falling into the "to be covered by the customer" -category.

In the end - you live, you learn - thankfully you can do all that online again!

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