Mar 7, 2013

Hydronic heaters

So, we have launched the next project - the downstairs laundry room. Even if it is just a tiny space, it is a long road with quite a few twists and turns to make the room functional. In last September, in the middle of more important projects, we just did the bare minimum and quickly painted the walls and threw in a washer and dryer. This posting is about the very first step, getting rid of the old radiator not only in the laundry room, but since the plumber was invited over at the entrance as well.

The rationale for dumping both the old radiators was that they were taking space. In the entrance, there wasn't enough space for a baby carriage. In the laundry room, we wanted to place a worktop and cupboards where the old radiator was located. And as their name indicates, hydronic heated towel rails would also functional justification.

Old entrance radiator

Old laundry room radiator

It took the plumber a full working day of hard labor to finish both projects (as nothing is quite as straightforward in old apartments than one might first think), but we were very satisfied with the end result. Both water heated towel rails are from a Finnish company Rej Design. The baby carriage now fits much better, there is space for a worktop and the old radiators are nothing more but a "ugly" memory.

Heated towel rail at the entrance

Heated towel rail in the laundry room

Pekka has now been able to start working on the laundry room, and it might not come as surprise the plan has already expanded from the initial idea - for the better, of course! In a few days, we will be able to share the next step with you...

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