Feb 23, 2013

Discovering space

This posting is not about some nice piece of furniture. Neither it is about some exceptional find we made in some internet auction. It's not even really about renovating anything. It is about the need of being organized, and finally finding the time to tackle a grande disaster called a storage room.

Have you ever sworn to the name of "Intelligent Move"? Tried to get rid of all the junk while packing, and then right away move every box and package to its designated spot? Maybe for two days in last August, we were fantasizing about this type of move. But as always, as there was way too much to do and way too little time, one of the many compromises to follow was an extremely messy storage room, which has been driving Minna crazy for all these months. So, when Pekka went skiing in Lapland with a bunch of friends, Minna chose to use the time efficiently and attack the mess downstairs.

Storage room before

With the right energy and motivation, it is always interesting to notice how little time it actually takes to get a lot done. Just one afternoon later, all the boxes were de-junked and organized. And miraculously, a relatively tiny storage room now fits much more than it did before. What is even more surprising, is the empty shelf space gained in the process!

Storage room after

The efficient hours spent in the storage room convinced Minna even more of her love for two specific things. First, her storage boxes of choice are the translucent SmartStore boxes made by Hammarplast. They come in several different sizes and are just perfect in so many ways for organizing one's home. She will never, ever look in any other way again.

Bliss of being organized

Second, she can no longer remember a life before her beloved DYMO! It is, without a doubt, the most practical purchase made in a long, long time. DYMO is also a brilliant little device to improve communication between family members, by reducing unnecessary confusion and search time concerning various shared household items. So, if your heart yearns for organization, we warmly recommend you invest in one!

I love my DYMO!

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