Nov 18, 2012

White and lights

Remember the flowery tiles in our upstairs bathroom? And the painting incidence with a wrong primer? Eventually leading to ripping off the old tiles? And subsequently blowing up (also) the bathroom budget.

Before no. 1
Before no. 2
Finally, 1.5 months later we have a fully functional bathroom again! The walls are ready, new cupboards are up and the bathroom has electricity and thus lights. Which means one can actually close the door if one wishes to have some privacy. And thus we no longer do the dishes in the dark!!

After no. 1

After no. 2


  1. Siis nuo ennen-kuvat... Auuuh silmiä särkee :) Sitäkin hienommat jälkeen-kuvat sitten!

  2. Joo, niin särkee. Mä on niiiiin tyytyväinen että maalattiin väärällä maalilla, eivätpähän jääneet sinne alle kummittelemaan!!!