Nov 13, 2012

Kitchen assembly, day 3

Kitchen assembly continues in good speed. Today the front panels of the drawers, induction cooktop as well as the corian counter were installed. Below there are some shots of the beautiful details and careful, extremely professional finish of the different parts. We take our hats off to kindly thank Puupalvelu Rajala for the superb job done so far!

Drawer front panels
Missing only the sliding doors
Induction cooktop and Corian counter
The far corner


  1. Hi!
    I want to congratulate you on what might be the most beautiful kitchen designs I`have seen lately! I goes perfect with the house. I really wonder what kind of wood the drawers front panels are made from? I love the contrast with corian.

    Liv, from Norway:)

    1. Hello Liv,
      Thank you for your kind words! We are really happy with the outcome of the kitchen both visually and functionally. As it is designed by Pekka it was really nice to have the flexibility to make modifications along the process, so that the end result was pretty much what we had visioned. The wood drawers and panels are made of technical veneer, but unfortunately neither Pekka nor myself can recall the exact name of the veneer colour. But we love the looks of it as well, definitely much better choice than a darker shade which we were also originally considering!