Nov 30, 2012

How about some snow?

Yes, we have some progress to report from the kitchen, but before that one much more acute topic must be addressed. That is, depending on the perspective, the white blessing or enemy - snow. Both of us have lived most of our adult lives in an apartment building, so this morning we were hit by the fact that it is up to us (and not a janitor) to get rid of the white barrier preventing access to our front door! Our daughter tends to take a long nap in the morning, so the very first thing to do was to shovel a small path on the balcony for the baby carriage. Clearly, the balcony needs a bit more effort before one can call it clean!

Perfect weather for a nap
It took Minna and Urho 2.5 sweaty hours to get the front porch and the driveway relatively clean. A few important lessons were learned in the process. First, gear up properly, a small snow shovel just won't work, and thin gloves get wet and cold in a split second. Second, use the garage if you have one!

Let it snow!
Urho likes snow, but in much small quantities and not in combination with wind. He came to check out the process a few times, but preferred to stay inside rather than explore the snowy surroundings. He is eagerly looking forward to receiving his new orange winter jacket, and promised to post a more proper winter pose in his new look upon its arrival!

Not enough clearance (maavara) for a short legged dog

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