Nov 10, 2012

Hello kitchen!

We are delighted to report a major milestone: the assembly of our kitchen has started! Once ready and operative, it is needless to mention we won't be missing noodles and microwave meals, but have a new born appreciation to home cooked meals! Also, washing dishes in a dishwasher instead of a bathroom sink will feel like a significant upgrade!

In this "design-it-yourself" -kitchen, we have faced some challenges along the way resulting in certain alterations in the original design. Currently maybe the most burning issue is the fact that one of the parts of the air extractor fan ordered from Germany was not delivered. And guess what this means? Yes, another delay of three weeks. But hey, who cooks with the fan on anyways?

First cabinets up
Some serious drawer space
Today Urho celebrated his second birthday. Congratulations! Also, at this point of the renovation, Urho has already learned to trust the team and their ability to work without his continuous supervision. So, he took the opportunity to take a nap in the sunny end of the living room couch. Oh yeah, what a life!

Napping birthday dog


  1. What are the drawer cabinets? I'm looking for some wall-mounted units. Love love love this design!

    1. Thanks a lot, we quite like it too! Are you interested in the material, manufacturer or something else concerning the cabinets? The whole kitchen is Pekka's design, and the material of the drawer cabinets is light technical veneer.

  2. I forgot it was a custom design. I am interested in how the cabinets "float" and how they are fixed to the wall. Also, what is a technical veneer? Is it real wood?