Nov 5, 2012

Backyard cleanup

In addition to fixing up inside the aparment, with the autumn falling the backyard also needed some work desperately. The two major pine trees had been taken down already before, but there were still some smaller spruces remaining. We decided to get rid of all but one of those. With all the raked autumn leaves, fallen tree trunks and other garbage, altogether ten sacks of garbage was removed and transferred through the apartment to a nearby "dump spot".

Pile of junk and an exploring sausage dog
Bush of unidentified species, trimmed
An interesting detail of the clean up op related to the sauna air intake tube. We hadn't really paid much attention to this particular tube, but after our kind neighbor kindly hinted that most likely the outside end of the tube is covered up by a pile of firewood (which of course it shouldn't) Pekka did a bit of exploring and found that not only was the end of the tube covered by the pile of wood, it was also buried underground and completely blocked by junk. This is where creativity comes into picture: first, a poker from the fireplace was used to puncture and remove a bottle of shampoo jammed inside the tube. Second, a diving stage bottle filled with pressured air was quite a handy tool to clean the rest of the junk out and open the airway. 

Outside end discovered
Inside end and some freshly painted tile wall
Urho really, really enjoys the backyard access. For a small dog such as himself, there is quite a lot of new leads to explore, which of course, is rather exciting. However, maybe even a more important aspect is the fact that when it rains, the "bathroom" is close. If Urho had it's way, we would be building a small canopy for him to always guarantee a bathroom experience as pleasant as possible.

The Scary Watch Dog

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