Nov 25, 2012

Sauna tiles gone white

As we have told before, having a sauna is just fantastic! Like every other Finn tends to do, we have also adopted the Saturday Night Sauna tradition. But even if the haptic sauna experience feels great, one can not say the same about the visual one. With this, of course, we refer to the colorful tiles behind the sauna stove.

Tiles unpainted 
So, as we do have some experience on tile painting already, it was a relatively easy improvement to make. Tikkurila Kivitex silicate paint was the appropriate choice when painting a surface which gets exposed to heat. It seems that have learned our lesson when it comes to applying the RIGHT paint to a RIGHT surface!

Painting in process
By painting the tiles white, the color palette of the sauna now follows the white - black - wood code we have chosen for the other parts of the apartment. The wood surfaces in sauna are in pretty good condition despite of their old age, so all they needed was a proper wash.

Wood and white
The wall is now ready, and the sauna stove has again been moved back in place. However, one can make a curious observation from the picture below: wonder if there is anything missing? To make painting easier, we also removed a protective plate attached to the ceiling. When trying to lift it back, it accidentally broke into pieces. Since the plate, very likely, is as old as the apartment, it is very likely it has been made of asbestos. In which case we are really not that sad needing to invest in a new, safer protective plate.  

Something missing? 

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