Sep 17, 2013

Winner announcement!

Finally, it is time to announce the winners of the Anniversary Competition! There were two ways to participate: either by leaving a comment at the blog or sharing the story link in Facebook. Now the two lucky winners to receive a set of Porche knives have been randomly selected.

However, before announcing the names, we really would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the encouraging and kind comments. Receiving such positive feedback from our approach and style, hearing that we have been able to inspire others in their projects, and receiving several good suggestions for future posts (e.g. tour around the apartment, DIY-projects) from so many readers is extremely delightful and motivational. Hopefully you will keep sharing your thoughts with us also in the future!

Our project here in the Olive Green Window continues, on many different levels. For example, the downstairs is moving forward, and Pekka has been working on a few interesting restoration pieces. So, there are many stories to be told and photos to be shared - hope you will keep on reading and enjoying!

But now, it is time to announce the two winners (who will be contacted by email tomorrow):


Tyler@BackToTheTrees (via the blog) and Pia Tötterman (via Facebook)

Porsche knive set for Tyler and Pia!

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