Sep 7, 2013

Underground Weekend - Day 1

What do you need to empty an underground space filled with stones? Yesterday we started with four brave and strong guys with face masks, three wheelbarrows, two shovels, and lots and lots of cold drinks. And one shovelful at the time, the stones and construction junk started moving out.

Men at work

Urho - once again a bit confused: "What's happening here?"

In Urho's opinion, the project is much too energy consuming. So he prefers to follow from a distance while the Fantastic Four does the dirty work.

Taking a well deserved break

Meanwhile in the living room: "What are the dads doing?"

In the end of the day, we had clearly made some significant progress. Thank you Matti, Juha and Janne for your invaluable help! But as the picture below demonstrates, there is still so much more to go. Looking at the bright side, at least we don't need to try to look for additional weekend activities!

Visual sit rep after day one


  1. This may be an ignorant question, but why is there a room full of rocks in the basement that only has the tiny entrance? Is there some purpose a space like that typically serves? Do the rocks insulate? Is this common, but I've just never seen it before?

    1. Our apartment building was constructed on a slope in a way that only half of the bottom floor is above ground. The rest of the bottom floor is underground and it was never meant to be used for living. This underground space, defined by the concrete fundaments of the house has a solid rock floor and it was filled with construction junk and blasted rock already during the construction in the sixties. The tiny entrance is there for maintenance purposes as the heating tubes of the building pass from one apartment to an other in this space.

      We are planning to make use at least some of this space, but before we can start building it we had to create a door way and empty it by hand. Hard work...

    2. Silly me, it is a crawlspace. I've never seen one like that before.
      Very interesting.