Sep 9, 2013

Underground Weekend - Day 3

After three extremely hard days of work, all the stone and most of the construction waste has been dug out. On the last day, it was just Pekka, Minna and Tiina. But we were determined to finish. And we did. The pallet is full, the underground space is nearly empty and just needs a few finishing details before we can start transforming it to a storage space.

16 tons of stone to be used as land fill

Largest rocks were saved for garden work next summer

Wood and construction waste, separated form stones

In addition to sore muscles (some of them previously unidentified) screaming for rest, some other interesting discoveries were made along the way. A national tabloid, Ilta Sanomat from 1966 and a newspaper Uusi Suomi from 1965, were both in pretty decent condition given the fact they have been spending some 50 years underground.

News from January 24, 1966

Last but definitely not least, we want to share two shots illustrating the point when the 16K pallet was finally full and our respirator masks had become saturated with grit and impossible breath through.  On the back of the "room", a huge piece of rock foundation was dug out, and the front part is all clear. All that needs to be done now is to take a bit more construction waste out from the front part of the room, vacuum and wash the ceiling, rock and walls, and we can start building the floor and the shelves.

Look what we found!

Visual sit rep from day three

Finally, all of you who were there to help - we owe you big time! Like mentioned earlier, we couldn't have made it without all of you. Before crashing to bed, muscles aching and screaming for rest, we take our hats of and bow deep. You know who to call next time when you need help. 

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