Sep 10, 2013

The Evacuee

Just a give you a fair warning - this post is not about renovation, restoration or even about slaving underground carrying stones. Instead, this is a short story about a special evacuee residing here, behind the Olive Green Window.

A while back Pekka's sister started renovating her apartment (seems to run in the family!). To make a long story short, a project which was anticipated to last for a few weeks suddenly stretched due to water damage to something much more extensive. Left without a place to live, we suggested she should come and stay with us. After all, even if the downstairs remains unfinished, the upstairs guest room is currently vacant.

So, Tiina become an evacuee and as a return, she promised to help us out with some of the household/dogsitting/babysitting activities. But sometimes life really comes with surprises. Back then we had absolutely no idea we had just made a deal of a life time.

Recently, we have come to notice how much more organized one should become when kids arrive. With our little daughter starting daycare, both of us being back at work and Urho requiring his daily exercise, our daily routine is still very far of smooth, precise or let alone organized. This is where an extra pair of hands starts getting very useful. With Tiina here, miraculously Urho is being walked in the mornings, dinners cooked, apartment vacuumed twice a week and laundry washed. In addition to that, there is an entertainer for little S available, when we for example want to work on blog posts. And, let's not forget about her heroic input in the basement last weekend!

Evacuee and her shovel

This is why we are actually secretly keeping our fingers crossed for some delay in Tiina's renovation project. She is welcome to stay as long as she wants. Actually, we are quite worried how the Olive Green Window team is going to survive without her help, when she eventually gets to move back to her place.

So, Thank you Tiina, we owe you big time! And by the way, anyone else interested in "au pairing" when the time comes?

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