Sep 8, 2013

Underground Weekend - Day 2

On Saturday, the project continued. First it was just Minna and Pekka in the morning, while Pekka's mother was taking care of the little S. Then thankfully, friends started arriving, one by one. Finally, there were five persistent souls working in the basement at the same time, and the enormous pile of stone started shrinking, little by little.

The best work out - who wants to go running anyway?

Some serious grit in the air

Believe it or not - it is shrinking!
One of the many wheelbarrow rides - there and back again

In the end of the day, the palette was two thirds full, we were horribly tired and awfully dirty. Nevertheless, the fact that we were clearly making progress made everyone very happy. Once again, we owe our most sincerest thanks for the Saturday's stone team - Tiina, Merja, Tumppi, Matti and Janne. Without all of your help this weekend would have been mission impossible!

Pallet filling up

Just a bit dirty

Visual sit rep after day two

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