Dec 3, 2012

Corner from the 1950's

Let's take a peak in the south end corner of the living room. There are three items to introduce, all made in 1950's. The first is a pair of Triennale teak easy chairs designed by Carl-Gustav Hiort af Ornäs. These chairs, made under licence by Gösta Westerberg Möbel AB Sweden, were launched at the Finnish pavillion at the 1957 Milano Triennale. Ours were found in a Finnish auction house, and at the time of purchase, we had no idea what they were, just liked how they looked. 

Two Triennales
Leather string armrests
Back view
The second item is an LTR (Low Table Rod) designed by Charles and Ray Eames and made by Herman Miller, originally introduced in 1950's. This small table is extremely versatile, as it can be moved around wherever needed, and even stacked (if you would happen own many of them) when its services are not needed. Currently in our home, it serves as a base table for a medium size ficus.

The third item is an AJ Floor Lamp designed by Arne Jacobsen and manufactured by Louis Poulsen. It was one of the many items designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen 1957. Like so many other things in our home, the AJ Floor Lamp was also purchased from a Danish auction house and it arrived while we were renovating our previous apartment a few years back.

AJ Floor Lamp
When it starts to get cold in the winter, during the day (and night) you tend to see less and less of Urho. He loves spending time in his own "basement", which is basically just a suspicious looking pile of four blankets. When he does come out, he expects to be feed, scratched and given treats. Oh, what a life!

Could I please now have my Dentastix?
Oh and we almost forgot! Thank you Pia for the very clear and useful instructions concerning the Latest Comments -gadget!


  1. Olkaa hyvä vaan. Terv. tarkaavainen lukija :)

  2. Kaikki myynnissä!? Urhokin???? ;)
    Mikä hintapyyntö pöydällä?

  3. Moi,

    Kuvassa olevat tuolit ovat kaupan. Laita sähköpostia jos olet kiinnostunut!