Dec 6, 2012

The HDP Model

Have you ever heard of the HDP Model? If not, the abbreviation stands for HUNT - DETECT - PURCHASE, which is a very useful model if you are obsessing about antiques. It does not matter what is the object for obsession (as it changes constantly) the HDP works for all of it.

The model works in three stages:
  1. HUNT
In the HUNT stage, one screens various global sources, made possible by the internet. Some of the items can be found quite easily, but in the more difficult cases it makes sense to browse sources on a country where a particular item was originally designed and manufactured. The goal of the HUNT stage is to find a few options of a desired item.

In the DETECT stage, some options have been identified and communication with a seller begins. Endless number of emails are required to dig out more details of a given product, as well as bargaining the price. The goal of the DETECT stage is to select the item which has the price - value ratio.

Finally, one moves to the PURCHASE stage. The price has been already agreed (or won, if it is an auction). One of the essential parts of this stage is organizing the transport. This can be quite tricky sometimes, and if you are not careful also quite expensive.

One example of this model is Pekka's recent obsession to wooden mirrors made by Swedish company Luxus. Luxus was founded in 1950's by Uno Kristiansson. Their products, consisting of home and interior lamps, furniture and mirrors, were designed by two brothers Uno and Östen Kristiansson.

Luxus produced several different kind of mirrors, but the obsessed one was the so called knife edge rounded mirror. These stunning mid century mirrors exists in several different dimensions, and naturally we happen to have two of them, 45 cm made out of teak and 70 cm made out of oak. One can not help but admire their amazing quality and the level of detailed finish typical to mid century Scandinavian style.

Larger 70 dm mirror in oak
The famous knife edge of the mirror rim
Smaller 45 dm mirror in teak with a surrounding leather belt

The back stage of these photography sessions have of course a supervisor - Urho. The only thing he can't figure out is the positioning of the mirrors - why on earth have they been placed up so high, such a waste if you are an especially short legged little dog!

"In my opinion, it is just way too high!"

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