Dec 17, 2012

Kukko, Kana and a Scone

It probably does not come as a surprise that mirrors are not the only obsession in this family. A few more "must-haves" are the Drillsnäppa plates, mid century modern Swedish ceramics designed by Lisa Larson and manufactured by Gustavsberg 1966. The two Drillsnäppas we have are similar, just different in color. In everyday language, we call them "Kukko (the Rooster)" and "Kana (the Chicken)". In addition to these, there are a few more of Larson's ceramic pieces laying around the apartment, still waiting to be placed on the wall.

Kukko and Kana

Larson's ceramics are lighted by a scone called Zodiac designed by French designer Jaques Biny and manufactured by Lita in 1955. What is special for this particular scone is that it has a magnifying glass lens inside the metal barreled body, through which the light is emitted allowing the light to spread on a larger area.

At this point, there are several electric sockets for light still unused in our ceiling. The plan is to efficiently utilize the HDP-model to find some more Biny's scones for these sockets and use them to highlight a selected areas in the living room. Therefore, the search is actively ongoing on several internet auction sites...

Missing a scone

Earlier we mentioned Urho's favorite place, the Basement. Well, here it is. It is amazing how four stinky, worn-out blankets full of dog hair can make someone so happy. The other day, Pekka's mother was here to take care of the baby while we were out. During the day, she had been wondering where Urho keeps disappearing for long periods of time. Of course, she did not know about the Basement. And Urho did not care to share. Being the King of the Basement, Urho defines the rules: sorry, but it is dogs only!

Showing a lot - usually it is just a tip of a tail or a fraction of a paw

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